NAME Adger Kogyo Co.,Ltd.
Address 5-25-17, Sezaki, Soka City, Saitama Pref. 340-0022, Japan



  1. Beware of imitation markers with “Adger” Logo.
  2. Copy products may cause damages on your valuable textile.
  3. We are manufacturing our “Adger” products only at our Saitama Factory in Japan.
  4. We have no production site outside Japan. We do not enter into technical cooperation agreement or business partnership agreement with any overseas companies.
  5. Any claims arising in connection with copy products cannot be accepted. Adger neither guarantee its ability nor compensate for damages.
  6. The design specifications of our products are subject to change without prior notice. If in doubt, please contact us.
  7. Unexpected troubles may occur due to the nature of the materials used. Please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss caused through our products. Be sure to perform a test in advance.