Ink Primary characteristic Spontaneously disappear Other way to erase
● Pink Air-erasable In 0.5-7days Water/Eraser
● Violet Air-erasable In 1-14days Water/Eraser
● White-A Air-erasable In 1-4days Water/Ironing
● White-P Water-erasable NO NO
● Blue Water-erasable NO NO
  1. Marks drawn in PINK, VIOLET or WHITE-A ink disappear spontaneously. The duration of marks depends on a penetration of the ink. Writing speed, material type, temperature, or humidity, etc. can also alter the timing to disappear.
  2. DO NOT wash a fabric marked by BLUE INK with soapy water while marks remain on the material.
  3. Please use an iron after marks completely disappear. (Except White-A)
  4. Only water and our Eraser are effective to erase marks written with our markers. Please DO NOT use any other chemical agent such as stain remover or the other manufacturer’s eraser.
  5. Ink may react to dye compound or the other chemicals such as laundry starch. Please be sure to try our marker with a waste cloth before use.